something religious

a lot of it was just teenage bravado:
we gave her food, she took her clothes off.
we put a cable to her mouth, she bled
from every hole like it was something religious.

still, people have to be quiet until they are.
see paragraph 12: you have to make adjustments
to your perceptions – i’ve been stealing my mum’s
lately and they are so warm and comfy to cart around.

we gave her food and she bled, to put it kindly,
flawed. it was something religious; the diversity
of holes made playing unforgettable when firing
flat-shooting loads at typical defensive instances.

when Tallulah was put down, a truculent storm
raged for hours. a lot of it was just teenage bravado:
like pashmina-type wraps, the cover of moral certainty
comes in many flavors, you make adjustments

via a drip, but there doesn’t appear to be a point
of impact. it was something religious: we all know
what happened, but answers can not substitute
for that encounter – it’s basically a feel good thing.