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he finds himself, again, scalding under the incredibly
well-built raindome showerhead and growls (courteously)
at the backlit designer-mirror – not quite the predator
as advertized perhaps, but animal just the same.

[19 and high she said
she’d have his baby
and he believed her]

when did his limbs grow so impossibly, intolerably long?
they unfold randomly as he crouches under the pressure,
bars and bars to wash off his impending nausea, his self
induced sickness pulsating like a recharged toothbrush.

[they fucked in closets and confessionals
with saints and specks
of dust as their witness]

he hides his longing in a hollow under his desk, it throbs
and whines unattended for hours; when he finally relieves
himself in the ladies, he wipes his whiteness off the seats
like a good boy, regurgitates time until release.

[once she got sober
long enough to leave him
she did]