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me, myself and I, part 1: like a nosebleed

I was born like a nosebleed in the backseat of a greyhound,
rolling down a Kibbutz in Seine-sur-Mer, Ohio – four small
farms where pronouns were used very loosely and neither
animals nor plants spoke and sang. mom was 13, dad 45,

a paleontologist, a veterinarian, a naturalist and the arrival
of a God who vanquished hundreds of lesser ones – I ached
to hold him, but he was whisked away when my mother was
given an enema to break the waters. she still says that I am

one of her nicer moms, she says it’s why she flies at night,
dazzling amateur astronomers with her heavenly bodies,
appearing out of thin air, giving birth to dwarf galaxies
like dark matter, always leaning slightly toward the light.