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bad light, public places

it just may have spread slowly through the limbic system,
on a lonely road, and traveling, traveling, traveling, traveling
either/or posthumanously ostracized by austere acronyms,
including the H2O, joined at the hip (a tribal style belly dance
beyond terror and martyrdom) to the surf culture, suddenly

plugged into this massive world of women who love crafting
a corporate social media strategy for breast cancer, a discharge
from either or both your nipples, streaked with blood, but should
dry up and disappear in Jesus Mighty. if you manage to stay still
in a clock-wise direction: afterimage optical illusion animation.

meanwhile, at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum, word
is out: ‘to awaken our search for’ is either calling out to your elfin
skin or a dirty nappy – a subject as worthy of devoted veneration
as awkward sober armature sex. beyond terror and martyrdom:
bad lighting in public places increases the risk of breast cancer.