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I love your stuff

I love to teach, love to write (I’m quite helpless), but most of all
I love your stuff – your stuff is AWESOME, your stuff is a 100%
flat from being at the bottom of your bed, and it smells so good,
so liberating. I embrace the kink: it’s like those mystery-flavored

dum-dum pops or receiving a love bite from your partner. I can
pee in her and you’d never notice. mothersoup? yes, I adore that
stuff too! your stuff is so funny man, your stuff is DOPE. you just
state your love for that character (the fluent self) with freckles

and so she finds someone with freckles too – love it, love it, love
that you can Feng Shui your way to love (you, white person, you)
with a dank silver twig necklace and fancy tags. anyhoo, I love
to write, I love hugs (lol), and I love your stuff is AWESOME.